Some looked to the apes. Others looked to the punks.
Then, the Hudroidz 1.0 were created.
A group of vigilante engineers spread the Hudroidz 1.0 across the metaverse, fearing they would fall into the wrong hands.
Legend has it that a time will come when ‘the chosen few’ will reunite the Hudroidz, marking a golden age where human and droid rule the metaverse together.
That time is now...
Since the dawn of the metaverse, humanity has needed a partner to look after this new world they created.
About the Hudroidz 1.0 NFT collection
Hudroidz 1.0 is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, each comprising a unique barcode, colour and one of five elements of the Hudroidz anatomy - head, arms, torso, legs and brain.
This NFT collection is unlike any other.
For the first time collectors can trade individual NFTs with the aim of one day owning a complete set with matching barcodes, colours and all five elements of the Hudroidz 1.0 anatomy.
Once all five matching NFTs have been collected, the owner can stake these to create an additional NFT of their complete Hudroid 1.0.
This NFT collection also promises varying degrees of rarity, based on the number of NFTs available in each colour category. Our Tech Specs section has more info on how rarity is achieved in this collection.
Ready to be amongst the chosen few?
Join the community here
Hudroidz 1.0 discord activated
Marketing and promotion plan activated
Whitelist slots activated
Announcement of NFT price
Whitelist sale activated

Whitelist sale de-activated
Whitelist members gain early access to white paper
Public sale activated
Purchase of premium land in the metaverse
First in-person event hosted in a key financial centre.
Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO
Hudroid X/X
Hudroid X/X
Hudroid X/X
Web Designer & Blockchain Expert
Hudroid X/X
Marketing Manager
Hudroid X/X
HR Specialist
Hudroid X/X
Lead Discord Mod
Tech specs
10.000 NFTs in total
2000 NFTs in total for each of these features
10 levels of rarity available
Click the link below to view the detailed Hudroidz Whitepaper. The in-depth Whitepaper is 116 pages and provides further information about the Hudroidz NFT utilities. There have been exciting developments to our plans in this regard, and therefore, it is important that you read the Hudroidz Whitepaper before minting a Hudroidz NFT, in order to ensure that you have an up-to-date understanding of our plans.
Receive access to the world’s first metaverse accredited training courses. You will receive a certificate in an NFT format which will be addressed to your NFT wallet. Put this on your Metaverse CV and your CV in real life!
Our NFT holders will receive exclusive access to our premium plus training courses.
Our NFT holders will have the exclusive opportunity to apply for our most premium metaverse-based paid roles
Our NFT holders will have the exclusive opportunity to access a portion of our paid consultancy roles based in the real world.
Receive exclusive access to metaverse-based networking events with notable keynote speakers. Learn from the very best in their fields!
Receive exclusive access to real life networking events with NFT holders, investors, business partners and prospective partners. If our event is hosted too far for you to attend, enter into our raffle to get your first class flights and 5-star accommodation on us!
Receive exclusive access to penthouse parties hosted in key financial centres
Join a truly hybrid community where your connections made in the metaverse translate to the real world.
Join a hybrid community of likeminded individuals who are on a journey of growth and will seek to assist others along the way.
Join a hybrid community that will regularly make donations to charitable causes. The community will choose non-profit organisations to which donations will be made.
Could there be collaborations with international companies? There might be…
Could there be giveaways? There might be…
Could there be unique merchandise? There might be…
Could there be real-life hudroidz created? There might be…
Expect surprises.
What is the total supply of Hudroidz NFTs?
There are 10,000 NFTs in total. 

Of this, 200 will be held back for giveaways to our online Discord community and members of the Hudroidz team.

How much are Hudroidz NFTs being sold for?
This will be announced in due course.
How do I get a Hudroidz NFT?
10,000 Hudroidz NFTs will be sold on our website. 

To make your purchase, download a MetaMask extension onto your browser and link it to your Ethereum wallet. 

You will need to ensure that you have enough ETH funds in your wallet to cover the cost of the Hudroidz NFT, plus gas fees. 

You will be able to mint your NFT directly on our website. Approve the transaction on Metamask once prompted. 

Once the sale is complete, your Hudroidz NFT will be sent to your Ethereum wallet.

Can I select the NFT that I want to buy?
Not to begin with. 

Once you have ‘minted’ (i.e. purchased) directly from our collection, a randomly selected Hudroidz NFT will be sent to your Ethereum wallet. This means that initially you will not be able to select which barcode, colour or element of the Hudroidz anatomy your NFT will have. 

You will, however, have more freedom once the collection has sold out on our website and other collectors begin to put their Hudroidz NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace. 
At this point, you will be able to see which other Hudroidz NFTs are being sold on OpenSea and make your own purchases, sales and trades. 

By trading on OpenSea, you will be able to buy other Hudroidz NFTs with the shared features that you are looking for, eventually completing your Hudroidz collection.
Will there be a pre-sale?
Yes, there will be a pre-sale. However, only Discord members with whitelist status will be eligible to buy Hudroidz NFTs in the pre-sale.
Is there a whitelist?
Yes, there will be a whitelist. 

This will be awarded to members of our Discord community based on high levels of  engagement and promotion of the Hudroidz NFT project. 

Whitelisted members will have exclusive access to the whitepaper for this project, as well as the pre-sale of Hudroidz NFTs. 

Further information on how to become whitelisted will be shared on our Discord page in due course.
How much does it cost to mint an NFT?
The cost of minting NFTs from this collection will be announced in due course.
Will there be a reveal?
Yes, your NFT will be revealed 2-7 days after it has been minted.
How do I view my NFT?
Once you have minted your Hudroidz NFT on our website, you will be able to view it in your Ethereum wallet within 2-7 days.